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“It is health that is real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver” Mahatma Gandhi

Homeopathy for your family on the Wirral

Treating Panic Attacks and Anxiety

The first time I met with Rachel was for an issue that, if I had gone to see a GP, I would most probably been placed onto a cycle of medications that would have been very detrimental to my mental health.

Instead I decided to use Homeopathy as I wanted a more natural approach to my health.

I felt so anxious before the appointment as I really knew nothing about homeopathy or the process. Within minutes I felt at ease as Rachel is so approachable, easy to talk to and has such a compassionate and caring manner. I couldn’t believe how different I felt within a few days of taking my homeopathic remedies. It blew my mind that something so natural, safe with zero side effects could have such an impact in not only stopping my panic attacks completely, but also released all the inner tension inside of me. I have continued to grow from strength to strength mentally and emotionally and now only turn to Homeopathy if I ever feel the need for support.

Jade, Wirral

Skin Conditions

skin conditions cured with homeopathy

Treating Severe Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)

How It started…

I came to Rachel in a deep state of despair. Historically I was strongly affected both emotionally and physically by premenstrual syndrome. The effects would last 3 out of the 4 weeks most often. The issues were exacerbated when I lost my mom and became rather depressed, feeling hopeless with no light at the end of the tunnel. My initial appointment with Rachel was so light. Having heard about homeopathy consults, I was expecting a series of very intrusive questions. Rachel has a way of making you feel super comfortable, non-judged, and expressive.

Following treatment…
 I can attest to her skill and homeopathy. I don’t like percentages, however I will say I wish I found her years ago. My days are now filled with delight and joy. My symptoms are minimal- rather stays quo throughout the month instead of the horrendous roller coaster of emotions I was on previously. I have even recently discovered new passions because now I have a desire to. I am whole-heartedly in debt to Rachel and so grateful for her. She’s kind and generous beyond measure.

a very grateful brook

Treating a Severe Case of Warts with Homeopathy

I wanted to write a note of gratitude to the amazing Rachel. My 9 year old son had a severe case of warts which had erupted all over his hand. The warts were unsightly and subjected him to ridicule and bullying from his peers. As a result, he became self conscious, introverted and had a diminished quality of life. Prior to meeting Rachel we had tried a long list of remedies to no avail. I was feeling discouraged and stressed that we may never be able to resolve his condition. It took us a few weeks to sort out the protocol but once Rachel landed on Calc Phos the results were nothing short of miraculous. Within days it became apparent that the remedy was working, and within weeks the condition was totally resolved. We are beyond grateful to Rachel and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. She truly cares for her patients and our family is very fortunate to have the benefit of her knowledge ans experience to help us through so many of lifes challenges.

before warts treatment
during homeopathic treatment
after treatment

Homeopathy for all the family

I am so happy I made the appointment with Rachel, it was the best decision I have made for me and my family. I can’t wait to learn more, had so much amazing advice and care given to us. Thank you!

Caroline, Wirral

Olivia Cattrall – Skin Condition


Treating the Flu with Homeopathy

I reached out to Rachel for an acute consult via homeopathy 247 when I was quite unwell with a nasty flu. It was late at night in Australia, I was in pain and quite distressed and emotional. When Rachel came on the line, her calming presence gave me an immediate sense that everything was going to be OK. She was kind, compassionate & encouraging all at once as she listened to me and responded with advice and a remedy prescription. The remedy Rachel prescribed made an immediate difference, I was able to relax, the pain settled and I fell into a sound sleep. I wholeheartedly recommend Rachel Williams (infact I’ve already referred a friend to her). She has knowledge and wisdom that will guide you well on your health journey.

Rachel Koning, Australia


Reflux and Colic








Treating UTI’s with Homeopathy

My constant UTI’s are now a thing of the past. I had tried everything and contacted Rachel in desperation because no matter how many antibiotics I took, the infections kept recurring. Since taking my homeopathic remedies that Rachel prescribed, I can live life without worrying when the next episode would happen and am delighted with her care.

Mary, Australia

Dimana Diloyva

Post coital cyctitis treatment


Rachel has been key in supporting my recovery from Covid. I had extremely strong pains in my back and spine. Rachel recommended the appropriate homeopathic remedy and the pain quickly improved and soon went away within a day or so. In addition, Rachel also reminded me we are supposed to get ill sometimes and addressed fear that was also there. Thank you so much Rachel, for being the go to person for treatment.

George Farrugia